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How Much Does an Inspection Cost?

One of the most often asked question we receive is “How much will this cost and what do I receive for that fee? 

That Seems a Little High?

We have a standard schedule of prices all based on square footage of homes. These fees start at $300 for a home up to 1000 square feet and move up from there. If that seems a little pricey, consider that receiving a thorough home inspection can potentially save you thousands of dollars after the sale is finalized. A few hundred dollars during this crucial time before closing is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you have when you complete a purchase knowing as much about the home you are buying as possible.

A Thorough Inspection Increases Bargaining Power

Another benefit of a thorough home inspection is bargaining power. If a problem is found that needs to be repaired the inspection report gives the buyers leveraging power with the seller to either get the repairs made or reduce the price to cover the costs of repair.

It is not uncommon for us to find roof damage that is covered under the current insurance policy that would go unnoticed if not for the inspection. We have had more than one client that got a brand new roof paid for by the insurance company because of the inspection.

When We Say Thorough, We Mean It

Some clients expect just a page or two of items that are wrong or a “pass or fail” type report. Our reports are extensive, as we go through the systems of the home to identify the location of water heaters, breaker panels, service entrances for electricity, gas and water, attic access and crawl space entrance if present. We will identify items that need repair as well as items that are only cosmetic and can be repaired as desired.

Sometimes clients who are unable to attend the inspection are a bit overwhelmed when they receive the report. Our inspector, Shawn, is always available to respond to questions and explain the report comments further. We highly encourage everyone to be present if possible so we can look over the home together. This helps the client get a better understand of the things he is looking for and what the report comments will include.

At the end of every report there is a summary of any items that the inspector recommends being repaired. This is there so the buyer and their agent can quickly make a list of items for negotiation with the seller. The items in the summary are also in the body of the report.

We Have the Experience To Serve You

Watkins Home Inspections offers a wide range of residential home and commercial building inspections. We provide a generalist inspection of all systems of the home or building. Call us today at 870.941.6858 to schedule your new home's appointment.

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